Technology and Innovations

I already knew about the cow free burger and the talking assistants (Alexa, Siri). I found the new wave nuclear power interesting because, it could potentially affect a huge portion of the population as a safer, cheaper power source. On a personal level I found the custom cancer vaccines the most interesting because I have family that had cancer. It could be very beneficial in the fight against cancer, which I support.

Practice Infographic

Hers one from 8th grade where I did a project on poverty in the US and in the world.

Teens Talk Poverty infographic

Review of Fake News

In the first website, Geno Choice, its clearly fake as you simply cannot genetically engine your unborn children. On the websites home page it says you can ensure that your children are free from diseases, medically in the real world its not possible. It also mentions that they can eliminate those genes, which is also not possible.
In the second website, Dog Island, it just seems so unreal. If you had few to no brain cells you might believe this but its basically a made up place you can send your dogs. These people are 100% stealing your dogs.
In the third website, Save the Endangered Northwest Tree Octopus. First of all, octopi live in the ocean whereas, in the pictures there is an octopus in a tree. Second of all the Olympic rain forest does not exist.

Perspective photos


Adobe Spark video

Point of View