Final Project Reflection

For my final project, my overarching theme was voting. I did a timeline, survey, and an infographic. I have three blog posts where my work can be found. A lot went into making the timeline, there are a lot of key facts regarding voting. So I had to choose which facts I felt were the most important. I did a combination of woman's rights (voting) facts, and African American voting facts. I did around 8 facts with pictures and captions. Then I did my survey, a lot of thought went in to how I determined the questions. I wanted them to be relevant to our generation, as well as lead to the "bigger picture". Was that our generation would take the time and care about what they were voting for, instead of just voting because they could. My Infographic was basically a summary of my survey results. In which I made colorful charts on the results, and made inferences based on the results. The inferences were based on how our generation would vote. Through all three pieces I learned h…

Final Project Survey

Final Project Timeline

Final Project Infographic


Tech Timeline

Info graphic on survey

The purpose of my survey was to "test the waters" (puns) on how people feel about the sailing team and whether or not they would join if the chance presented itself. The results leaned more towards people who would join or go to events if their friends were. Which means the team needs to do something to drastically change how we get people to join. Currently we are not doing any advertising which means no one is really considering us as an option for a spring sport. This survey could be used by the sailing team to change the way we try and reach people.